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Donate to Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful


Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful is grateful for the support of our volunteers, partners and sponsors. In 2022, our volunteers removed 268,324 lbs. of litter and debris, planted over 4,044 plants and trees and hosted 1,069 community improvement events. For every $1.00 donated to Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful $22.50 is returned to the community through environmental education and service projects.

Donations of all sizes are appreciated and help us reach our goals. We truly appreciate your support. Consider becoming an ongoing supporter with a recurring donation.

Monthly Donation Plans:


One Time Donations:

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Other Ways to Support

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful!

Due to the large number of groups that we work with, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful goes supplies regularly.

Things we are always in need of include:

Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Trash Bags and other items.


Please email for more information on what we are currently in most need of.

All supplies donated through Amazon Smile will go directly to our clean ups!

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Are you interested in sponsoring one of our events?
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