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Adopt a Road, Park, Shoreline, Monofilament Tube or Watergoat



Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful administers the Adopt-A-Road Program for Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa. The Adopt-A-Road Program is a great opportunity for individuals, corporations or groups to give back to the community through stewardship of public right-of-ways, parks and shorelines.

Adoptions greatly enhance the appearance of our communities and go a long way in reducing litter and debris from entering our waterways and polluting the natural habitats of our native wildlife.

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Adopt-A-Road Map:

Types of Adoptions

Adopt-A-Road: A minimum of a one mile stretch of right-of-way

Adopt-A-Park: County and City Parks are available and projects can include litter removal and beautification

Adopt-A-Shoreline: A stretch of accessible shoreline, piers or waterway

Adopt-A-Monofilament Tube: Monofilament tubes at boat ramps and fishing piers

Adopt-A-WATERGOAT: Removal of the collection of litter and debris that washes in from nearby storm drains from surrounding neighborhood streets

How will Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful support my efforts?
  • Cleanup and safety supplies will be provided to each team

  • Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful will coordinate permission and access with local governments

  • Teams may be credited with a sign installed in their adopted area

  • Commit to a two-year agreement

  • Complete an annual safety training

  • Hold a minimum of 4 projects at your adopted location, plus sign up for two of our event cleanups. e.g., HRCC (Hillsborough River Coastal Cleanup) and GAC (Great America Cleanup) World Ocean Day etc.

  • Must be 12 years of age to work along a roadway

  • All volunteers must sign the liability waiver form in advance of the project

  • Submit Project Report Form and the Liability Waiver after each project to remain in good standing with the program. Click here to submit.

Cleanup and Safety Forms Section

Click on the links below to download the necessary forms for Adoption events.

We are happy to share our Adopt-A-Road Public Service Announcement (PSA) with Hillsborough County for their Anti-Litter Campaign. Special thanks to Hillsborough County Communications and Digital Media staff for coordinating and producing this PSA.

Rubbish Removal
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful relies on the support of the community.
Help us by donating now, sponsoring an event, becoming a member or volunteering with us!

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